Below is a selection of recent research projects in the areas of international and domestic climate law, policy and science.

The Global Green New Deal: The New Norm? (2020-2023)

My PhD research explores the potential of the Global Green New Deal to be a source of novel climate norms in international law.

Climate Proofing Free Trade Agreements (2021)

This yet to be released project outlines how climate change provisions in free trade agreements can be strengthened using best practice examples.

Unsettled Waters: The International and Intranational Case for the Climate Displaced (2020)

This report outlines the current status of climate displacement both from an international and domestic US perspective.

The Electricity System in New Zealand and its Prospects for Renewable Energy Development (2019)

This report documents the prospects of further renewable energy development in New Zealand from a project development perspective .

The Quest for Oil Between Russia and China and its Implications for US-Russia Relations (2019)

This paper explores burgeoning issues with oil and gas exploration and partnerships between US and Russia in the Arctic, from a US perspective.

Dreaming of Paris: The Prospects of International Arbitration as a means of enforcing the Paris Agreement (2018)

My Honour’s dissertation explores how the Paris Agreement can be enforced, with specific reference to the Paris Agreement.

Trends in Community Renewable Energy in New Zealand and Australia (2017/8)

This project involved assessing the history and present status of a wide range of community renewable energy projects as part of a Summer Research Scholarship at the Faculty of Geography, University of Otago.

Investigation into the components of seasonal variability in carbon dioxide at Maunga Kakaramea / Rainbow Mountain (2016)

As the 2016 NIWA Atmosphere and Climate Ambassador this report documents the novel research on the trends in atmospheric carbon dioxide I undertook at what was then New Zealand’s newest atmospheric monitoring site.