I offer consulting services on the changing technical, policy and regulatory environment in regards to climate change to a range of partners including: NGOs and IGOs, Business organisations, Local Government and Central Government.

Content ranges from but is not limited to: 

  • Sustainability Policy and Annual Reporting 
    • Assistance with drafting/review of organisational policies and annual sustainability reporting. 
  • Organisational Mitigation 
    • An understanding of and options for internal and external carbon mitigation including but not limited to efficient energy and resource use, carbon offsetting and mitigation projects. 
  • Organisational Adaptation
    • An understanding of and options for internal and external hardware and business resilience, local area adaptation plans and projects. 
  • Implications of the Zero Carbon Bill
    • Advice on regulatory opportunities and risks for businesses including their specific decarbonisation pathways. 
  • Renewable Energy Project Development and Financing
    • An understanding of renewable project development and financing including contracts, consents and policy.

Rates vary.

If interested in discussing your organisation’s needs further please get in touch.